FlyClock is a timing assistant tool for PPT/PDF full-screen presentations, compatible with Microsoft Office PowerPoint, WPS Presentation, and various PDF files.

FlyClock is a shareware that can be freely download、distributed and used without modification. Before registration, FlyClock may randomly pop up reminder windows. Once registered, FlyClock will become the full version.

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Pain Points:

For organizers of conferences or presentations, losing control of the venue time is a disaster. Hence, various countdown tools like VBA and plugins have become widespread. However, these tools are not so easy to use and mainly have the following disadvantages:

  • VBA, plugins, and similar tools generally require modifications to the PPT, which is a thankless task. Changes in style are highly likely.
  • Some tools also require manual activation of the timer, and as for features like alerts and forceful termination, they are even harder to implement.

The Solution:

Now, the FlyClock, which perfectly addresses the aforementioned pain points:

  • It does not require any changes to PPT files.
  • After running FlyClock, simply open a PPT/PDF and start the slideshow in fullscreen mode to begin timing;
  • When the set time is reached, there will be an audio alert, and the screen can even go black;
  • Different PPT/PDF files can have different set timing durations.

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